To help advisers gain a better understanding of the unique benefits of ETFs we spoke with some of our clients who are using them. Although our clients use ETFs in different ways, their motivations are more or less the same – ETFs offer a simple, lower cost and transparent way into a diverse range of markets and asset classes.

Brett Taggart

Managing Director - Bell Partners Wealth Creation & Financial Advisory

“ETFs are cost effective in client portfolios, driving down the cost of investment for clients, which puts margin back in their portfolios.”

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Jon Reilly

Chief Investment Officer - Implemented Portfolios

As portfolio managers, ETFs give us more control.

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James Beresford

Simon Guzowski

Managing Director - Investment Partners

Senior Portfolio Manager - Investment Partners

“If you have certain asset classes where it’s impractical or very expensive to get that exposure, ETFs allow us to get that direct exposure.”


Russell Medcraft

Managing Director - Financial Choice

“ETFs allow us to adequately asset allocate against regions and across asset classes.”



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