iShares Core

iShares Core is a series of six low-cost, high quality funds designed to provide a simple way to construct diversified and robust portfolios.

At less than 1/6th of the average cost of Australian managed funds,1 the iShares Core suite provides broad market exposure across Australian equities, international equities (hedged and unhedged) Australian fixed income, international fixed income (hedged) and Australian dollar cash.

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Whether you want to build a portfolio from scratch or complement an existing one, iShares Core can help you deliver better portfolio outcomes.

iShares Core helps you deliver high quality portfolios while keeping costs low.

Low fees - ranging from 0.07% p.a. to 0.26% p.a.*, iShares Core helps you keep more of what you earn.

High quality - iShares provides high quality solutions, leveraging the portfolio management expertise of BlackRock and its industry-leading risk management platform.

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Australian equities For just 0.15% p.a., the iShares Core S&P/ASX 200 ETF, IOZ provides the lowest cost2 access to the most widely tracked benchmark of Australian shares with deep liquidity and quarterly, franked distributions.

International equities The iShares Core MSCI World All Cap ETF, IWLD, gives you access to 99% of investable international developed markets for just 0.16% p.a., the lowest cost exposure to global shares on the ASX.2

International equities (Currency hedged) The iShares Core MSCI World All Cap ETF, IWLD, gives you access to 99% of the free-float adjusted market capitalisation of investable international developed markets for just 0.16% p.a., the lowest cost exposure to global shares on the ASX.2

Australian fixed income Fixed income is an essential component of a well-balanced portfolio, assisting with diversification and income generation. With just one trade on the ASX, the iShares Core Composite Bond ETF, IAF, provides liquid exposure to an index of investment grade securities representing the Australian bond market.

International fixed income (hedged) Australian investors can access global investment grade corporate bonds with the iShares Core Global Corporate Bond (AUD Hedged) ETF, IHCB. With the most cost-effective access to this exposure on the ASX, 2 you can seek to earn a consistent yield while benefiting from the lower credit risk of leading global companies.

Australian dollar cash Not all investors appreciate the true potential of their cash. For just 0.07%, the iShares Core Cash ETF, BILL, is an institutional quality ETF that is truly liquid and benchmarked to the S & P/ASX Bank Bill index. This ETF seeks to preserve capital and provide monthly income by investing in a diversified portfolio of highly rated money market and short term fixed interest securities. BILL is the lowest cost cash ETF on the ASX2.

Exposure Ticker Fees* (%)
Australian equities IOZ 0.15%
International equities IWLD 0.16%
International equities (currency hedged) IHWL 0.19%
Australian dollar cash BILL 0.07%
Australian fixed income IAF 0.20%
International fixed income (currency hedged) IHCB 0.26%

* Management fee as a percentage of a fund’s net asset value. Subject to change.

A simple way to start building

iShares Core Model Portfolios consist of five diversified models that are expertly designed for a range of client needs and risk preferences.

iShares Core Model Portfolios

The iShares Core Model Portfolios are updated semi-annually, helping you to rebalance your exposures to ensure that they stay consistently aligned to the original strategic asset allocation and investment objectives.

Easy to buy - with just a few trades on the ASX, you can construct a well-diversified long-term portfolio with exposure to Australian and international equities and fixed income securities.

Why iShares Core ETFs?

Low cost

Low cost

At less than 1/6th of the average cost of Australian managed funds1, providing broad market exposure to help build a diversified portfolio.



iShares consistently delivers quality ETFs that clients globally rely on to invest for the future.3



With just two or three iShares Core ETFs, investors can easily build a broadly diversified portfolio across major asset classes.

1: Source: Morningstar, Bloomberg, as of 31 March 2016. Comparison is between the average management fee (or indirect cost ratio) of the iShares Core ETF range (0.19%) and the average indirect cost ratio of the Morningstar Australian Investment Trust universe (1.42% excluding outliers to provide a more conservative measure). The Morningstar Australian Investment Trust universe is comprised of over 2,800 open-ended funds, including Unit Trusts, Superannuation Funds, Allocated Pensions and Term Allocated Pensions. Management fee / indirect cost ratio is quoted as a percentage of annual average net assets.
2: Source: ASX, as at 25 July 2017.
3: Based on over 800 ETFs and US1.5 trillion in assets under management globally as of 12/31/17.