Institutions are using ETFs as innovative solutions and efficient tools across asset classes.

The 2017 ETF Desk Reference highlights exclusive tools and thought leadership to help investors research, trade and manage their allocations.

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ETF investment trends

The rise of factor investing

Factors Investing

Institutions are adopting smart beta

26% of institutions are employing smart beta ETFs, up from 21% in the previous year.1

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Toolkit for managing fixed income portfolio

Toolkit for Fixed Income

ETF use is spreading rapidly in Fixed Income

72% of fixed income investors have experienced increased challenges trading bonds in the past three years.1

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ESG investing combining purpose and performance

ESG Investing

Institutions are increasing ESG allocations

23% of institutional ETF investors plan to increase their allocation to ESG strategies.1

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ETFs for derivative users

ETFs for Derivatives users

 Institutions are using ETFs alongside derivatives

33% of institutions replaced derivatives products with ETFs in the last year.1

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1. Source: 2017 Greenwich Associates Institutional ETF Study, February 2017. Based on 132 responses: 19 insurance companies, 48 asset managers and 65 institutional funds.