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What is factor investing?

Factor investing can help investors pursue specific outcomes, such as reducing risk or outperforming the market. Learn more about what factors are, why they have worked and ways you can access factors today (we don’t specifically cover how to implement them in your portfolio in this video).

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3 things to know about factors

How can you sort through the rapidly expanding universe of smart beta strategies? Here are three rules of thumb on factor investing to help you get started.

What is smart beta?

The term smart beta may be proliferating across the investment industry but many investors have been using these strategies for decades. Sara Shores, BlackRock’s global head of Smart Beta, provides a framework for how to think about smart beta investing and how it can benefit your portfolio.

What are macro factors?

BlackRock’s research suggests that we can explain more than 90% of the returns across asset classes through six primary macro factors. Watch BlackRock Head of Factor Investments, Ked Hogan, explore the topic.

Insights on factor performance

Holly Framsted, Smart Beta Product Strategist, provides an update on first quarter factor performance.

Factor investing with data and tech

Andrew Ang and Sara Shores discuss how data and technology are driving factor investing.

What is minimum volatility?

Heightened volatility may very well be the new normal, but continual ups and downs can be tough for anyone to ride out. Learn how minimum volatility strategies can help you stay invested.