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Unlock the power of ETFs listed on the SIC

Help Mexican investors reap the benefits of investing in non-domestic exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange Sistema Internacional de Cotizaciones (SIC).

Benefits of investing in
SIC-listed securities

Global diversification
Global diversification
Diversify your portfolio by accessing international stocks and ETFs
Local tax treatment
Local tax treatment
Enjoy local Mexican tax treatment while investing in
international securities
Growing optionality
Growing optionality
The number of securities listed on the SIC is continually growing,
reaching 1,700+

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Additionally, by selecting UCITS ETFs listed on the SIC, Mexican investors can squeeze even more out of their investments.

  • Favorable tax benefits: UCITS ETFs do not withhold taxes on distributions and are not assessed U.S. Estate taxes
  • Accumulating share classes: With the accumulating shareclass of UCITS ETFs, Mexican investors are not liable for income taxes1
Scale your practice with model portfolios
BlackRock has designed models built almost entirely with UCITS ETFs that are listed on the SIC.
Invest in BlackRock models Invest in BlackRock models