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BlackRock |Sep 28, 2018

Explore our tools and interactive charts to help you and your clients make better investment decisions.

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Interactive charts

BlackRock geopolitical risk dashboard
Explore our views on top ten geopolitical risk and their potential market impact.
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Get an early peek at the likely evolution of growth expectations for key economies.
View our expected returns across 7 currencies and access hypothetical 50 year potfolios for global pension plans.
Compare any 2 of the 60 countries we track or rank them by their latest component scores.

Contrast 14 emerging markets across a range of measures, including performance, valuation and economic indicators.

Compare outstanding debt levels versus economic development for a range of economies through time.
Examine the factor exposures of several popular market capitalization indexes and how they vary over time.

ETF analysis tool

Use this interactive tool to see how factors have performed through economic cycles, market shocks and any other time period.