ETP Landscape from BlackRock

Global ETPs collect more than $500 billion in 2018 amid volatile global equity markets

  • Global ETPs collected $67.2bn in December – the second-best month of the year - boosting full year flows to $514.8bn making it the second-best year on record behind 2017, amid more volatile stock market conditions in 2018.
  • December flows were driven by Fixed Income with $23.5bn, U.S. Equity with $14.5bn, Global Developed Market (DM) Equity with $13.8bn, Emerging Markets Equity with $13.0bn.
  • Full year flows of $514.8bn are lower than last year’s $659.3bn, but some exposures captured record flows this year including Treasury/Sovereign Bond funds with $64.2bn amid tighter financial conditions in 2018 including higher interest rates, a stronger dollar and more volatile stock markets.
  • Additionally, within Fixed Income, rising interest rates spurred Short Maturity funds flows to a new record of $70.0bn – more than half of all Fixed Income flows.
  • Other new annual flow records include Emerging Markets Equity funds with $66.4bn, Japanese Equities with $67.1bn, and Smart Beta Multi-Factor Equity funds with $14.0bn.

Source: BlackRock. Data is as of December 31, 2018 for all regions.

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