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ETP Landscape from BlackRock

Global ETPs gathered $132.7bn making it the best quarter in 2019 propelled by flows into fixed income

  • Global ETPs gathered $132.7bn in the third quarter bringing year-to-date flows to $346.5bn. Quarterly flows were driven by Fixed Income with $64.9bn, U.S. Equity with $55.5bn, Japan Equity with $5.7bn and Emerging Markets Equity with ($16.3bn)
  • Fixed Income collected $64.9bn in the third quarter making it the strongest quarter on record
  • U.S. Equity saw its biggest inflow this year with $55.5bn in the third quarter driven by Large Cap with $24.0bn and Broad Exposure funds with $17.2bn. These inflows continued amid a growing economy and solid corporate earnings
  • Japan Equities slowed pace in the third quarter bringing in $5.7bn primarily from locally domiciled funds concentrated in Broad market with $7.7bn and Large Cap with ($2.1bn) due to slowing global growth and the upcoming consumption tax increase
  • Emerging Markets (EM) Equities shed ($16.3bn) focused in broad funds with ($9.4bn) and Chinese equities with ($4.7bn) slowing the year-to-date flows to $4.7bn

Data is captured from a number of sources by BlackRock, including provider websites, fund prospectuses, provider press releases, provider surveys, Bloomberg, the National Stock Exchange, Strategic Insight Simfund, and Wind. All amounts are reported in US dollars.

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