Latin America Virtual Forum

Our annual flagship event brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and investors to discuss the most pressing market insights and geopolitical trends – from technological disruptions and the transformation of the investment industry to a net zero economy, ensuring access to investments and the role we all play in building a better future.

Dominik Rohe
Head of Latin America, BlackRock

Rohe: Over the past year, we have witnessed massive change in markets, our workplace, and our personal lives, and we’ve had to reinvent what it means to be connected.

Karina Saade
Chief Operating Officer for Latin America, BlackRock
The opportunity to grow and learn is a never-ending journey.

Robert Kapito
Founder and President, BlackRock
The pandemic triggered a variety of challenges over the past 14 months.

Thomas Donilon
Chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute
It's a tumultuous time in the world.It’s sn especially in Latin America.

Rick Rieder
CIO of Global Fixed Income and Head of Global Allocation Investments, BlackRock
I think we are going through this is the most exciting time in investment history.

Jessica Tan
Global Head of Corporate Strategy, BlackRock
Despite the pandemic and the shutdown of global economies, sustainability has been become an even greater focus for both investors and policy makers through 2020 and now in 2021.

Larry Fink
Chairman and CEO, BlackRock
We spent a lot of time about how COVID has created more inequalities. The reality is climate risk is going to create even more inequalities.

Armando Senra
Head of iShares Americas, BlackRock
Climate change requires a global approach and a global action plan.
What does growth look like in the future state of the world? You need to be nimble and able to adapt.

Frank Cooper
Global Chief Marketing Officer, BlackRock
Our investment conviction is that sustainability risk and climate risk in particular, is investment risk.

Henry Fernandez
Chairman and CEO, MSCI
The global investment industry is about risk capital, and it's about allocating that risk capital from savings to productive investments to create economic growth and prosperity.

Kate Moore
Head of Thematic Strategy for the Global Allocation Investment Team, BlackRock
The era of small government is over, not just in the U.S. but seems like the rest of the world.
The economy firing on all these engines, restart, pent up demand and healthy corporate sector. I think that will drive things going forward.

Dan Restrepo
Founder of Restrepo Strategies LLC
The administration has started on the most critical item, the most pressing item that faces them via vi the Americas, and that is migration.
Our job as a fiduciary is to be working with and along management and their boards of directors to see how they are moving forward.

Sandy Boss
Head of Investment Stewardship, BlackRock

For a company to maintain its social license to operate, that company actually needs to be, you know, in touch with and representative of its consumers and its community. You can't sit on a happy white male island and continue to sell into a population that doesn't look like you.

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