BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios

Harness BlackRock's expertise

BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios (BMIPs) allow investors to harness the multi-asset investment and risk management expertise of BlackRock in a single, wrapped solution.

The suite of multi-asset funds is available in three risk categories: defensive, moderate and growth. All three funds are actively managed and utilize transparent, low cost ETFs and index funds to implement their asset allocation.

 BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios Pyramid

The benefits of BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios

Active allocation

BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios are actively managed funds and benefit from a wide range of investment expertise across BlackRock. When building the BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios, the investment team moves beyond traditional static asset allocation, incorporating asset allocation of equities, fixed income and non-traditional exposures.

This allows the team to be market aware and incorporate forward-looking estimates to make considered assumptions on expected risk and return, in addition to assessing historical asset class returns.

Transparent, low cost building blocks

BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios offer investors access to a diversified and cost-effective multi-asset solution, utilizing both ETFs and index funds (mutual funds designed to match or track the underlying components of a benchmark index) to implement their asset allocation.

Robust risk management

BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios allow investors to choose from three risk categories, built on the expertise of BlackRock’s world class risk management system, Aladdin®, for the provision of risk management expertise. BlackRock combines proprietary risk management technology, including extensive analytics, with a deep understanding of financial markets and investment processes, in order to examine and understand the risks involved when making investment choices.