Learn more about target date funds, which provide a blend of investments designed to maximize retirement savings based on an investor's investment time horizon and tolerance for risk. Each portfolio is typically rebalanced at certain intervals to become more conservative, with fewer equities and more fixed income, over time as investors move closer to the target date. Many 401(k) plans use target date funds as the default investment.

How Does Diversification Work?

When it comes to investing, you may need more than one basket—and you may need more than one type of egg. Learn how target date funds can provide a well-diversified investment solution across different types of assets.

What would a beer, burger and movie cost in 2064?

Future Retirement Pricing Infographic

Asking a 25-year-old to save for his 75-year-old future self is like asking him to give money to a stranger. Put it in simple terms—like the price of a night out—saving may make sense.

View future retirement pricing infographic

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