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What Happens to Your Social Security If You’re Working in Retirement?

It’s important to learn how working in retirement can impact Social Security benefits.

  • When I’m 64

    Pre-retiree workers could have a gap to bridge between their current salaries and retirement income goals.

  • Fasten Your Safety Belts

    Women shouldn’t bail out on retirement saving in economic turbulence.

  • Time to Catch Up

    More than one-third of Generation X women and one in five boomer women don’t have retirement savings.

  • Know Your Age

    More than one-quarter of Generation X women don’t know when they’re going to retire.

  • Give Your Gut a Rest

    Give Your Gut a Rest

  • Safety First?

    Too much safety may not be a good thing.

  • Give Your Retirement Plan a Checkup

    Think about your potential medical costs in retirement.

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