Just 44% of workers report that they or their spouse have tried to figure out how much money they’ll need on their retirement journey, according to a survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. We know it’s an intimidating task. Vacation planning is time-consuming enough. But those who try to make a retirement budget tend to have a higher level of savings, according to the survey.

The good news is there are plenty of sophisticated tools online to help you get an idea of what it could cost to keep you in yoga pants and organic greens for decades to come. (You are staying on top of your health, right?)


Just One Thing You Can Do This Week

Check out our retirement tools. We’ve got one to help figure out how much you’ll need to retire based on what you want to do. And if you’re between 55 and 64, our CoRI tool can give you an estimate of how much retirement income your current savings can provide.

Isn’t that better than planning one vacation to Florida?

Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute, “2014 Retirement Confidence Survey” 3/14