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Benchmarking is part of human nature. We have benchmarks for quality, value, athletic achievement, software performance and, of course, for financial markets.

And rightly so—benchmarks are valuable tools for gauging the health of markets. But they are not necessarily ends in themselves.

The fact is, investing is not only a matter of numbers, but also an emotional pursuit tied to the fulfillment of dreams, whether it’s a bigger house for your growing family, a college education for your kids, or a long, secure retirement.

And therefore, I would argue, the truest benchmark for you as an investor is—yourself. It’s your life, your happiness, your legacy and your financial goals that count. So outfit your portfolio with investment strategies that target the outcomes that matter most to you. Is it income you require? There are investment tools for that. Need your assets to grow, but can’t stomach risk? There are managed-volatility strategies for that.

No matter what outcome you seek, I hope the information in the following pages gives you some food for thought as you consider your future, particularly what statistics say will be a long (and we hope prosperous) retirement.

As a fiduciary for our clients, one of the greatest benchmarks for our success is your success in arriving at your desired financial destination. I look forward to driving toward our goals together.

Frank Porcelli
Managing Director & Head of U.S. Wealth Advisory