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Frank Porcelli, Managing Director and Head of BlackRock's U.S. Wealth Advisory business, welcomes you to the latest issue of Shareholder Magazine.

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    I love my job. I take great pride in knowing BlackRock is wholly committed to helping investors like you achieve the important milestones in life. You are investing with us to pay for college, to serve philanthropic needs, to leave a legacy. But, far and away, you are investing with us in preparation for retirement.

    And I’m no exception.

    As much as I enjoy my work, I know I will transition to my next life stage at some point. We all will, and that will mean different things for each of us. But for all of us, it means the need to save and invest in order to build the financial foundation that will allow us to achieve our aspirations in later life.

    We think a lot about retirement here at BlackRock. We’re asking hard questions, such as are we getting it right? For years the industry has told investors to focus on the size of their nest egg. We now know that big number is not only an overwhelming thought for many investors, but it’s also not terribly informative. We’re encouraging people to focus on their annual income needs in retirement, and we’ve built a tool that can help you do that.

    We also recognize that we all have miles to go on this front: The government, companies, the investment community, you, me. The universal goal of retirement is worthy of universal attention and discussion. BlackRock is proud to be leading these conversations, and we hope you’ll stay tuned. We will have much more to say.


    Sincerely Frank

    Frank Porcelli
    Managing Director & Head of U.S. Wealth Advisory

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