Investors Exhibit Cautious Optimism about Market Prospects

Five years after the financial crisis, many investors remain wary and risk averse. Nearly half of U.S. investors are negative overall about their financial futures, with worries ranging from "concerned" to "nervous," "pessimistic" and even "depressed." Interestingly enough, financial advisors are adopting a more optimistic outlook than investors—with 59% feeling "positive" about the current investing environment. Americans are split down the middle in feelings about their financial future—concerned and lacking confidence.

Financial Outlook infographic

Take Action: So What Do I Do With My Money?

You can achieve your long-term goals—but you need to take action. Those who are waiting for markets to "settle down" before adjusting their portfolios can actually be putting their portfolio at greater risk. It's time to be an investor again.

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Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

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