Rate Hikes Don't Have to Doom Stocks

Rate Hikes Don't Have to Doom Stocks

A rate hike from the Fed, which many expect later this year, does not necessarily mean an end to the bull market in stocks.

  • Looking Abroad for Greater Return Potential

    Investors who are overweight in U.S. equities might want to consider redeploying some of their investments into stock markets overseas.

  • 1Q Earnings: Maybe Not So Bad After All?

    Bad weather, a drop in oil prices and a strong dollar all have market watchers worried about a soft 1Q earnings season. But how bad will it really be?

  • Manufacturing a Pause

    The U.S. economy is showing signs of fatigue, illustrated recently by the slowdown in manufacturing growth.

  • Dollar Dominance

    The strength of the dollar is generally seen as a positive, but is it too much of a good thing right now?

  • 5 Steps To a More Prepared Retirement

    Affluent women point to these five strategies to best prepare for a retirement that could very easily last more than 20 years.

  • Deflating Inflation

    Inflation’s race to the bottom.

  • Pension Pain

    The pension challenges facing many states are enormous.

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