Looking to Weather Periods of Rising Rates?

Chart of the Week December 9

Most investors fear rising interest rates. Which begs the question – are there alternatives to bonds that might offer income and behave better in a rising rate environment?

  • Mutual Fund Flows Reflect Fear of Rising Rates

    Investors have been shifting their portfolio allocations for several reasons recently. One of the main reasons is the expectation and fear that interest rates will rise (and bond prices will fall).

  • A Look at Dividend Yields Around the World

    The yields on international stocks are higher than those available from many government bonds today and offer greater protection in the face of rising rates.

  • Equity Opportunity in Emerging Markets

    Despite the recent emerging market stock rebound, EM equities were still trading at a 36% discount to U.S. stocks, and below their three-year average valuation.

  • Big Importer to Bigger Exporter?

    The United States is fast becoming a major oil producer, with some estimates indicating it could surpass production levels of Saudi Arabia and Russia within the current decade.

  • An Impending Energy Revolution

    The United States is likely on the verge of an energy revolution. What does this mean for your investments?

  • Income Struggling to Keep Up

    Incomes of those in the US have not recovered since the 2008 Credit Crisis has not recovered, and remain lower than pre-crisis. In fact, incomes are growing at a lower rate than before the crisis.

  • Consumption is Key to US GDP

    The dependency of consumption on consumer confidence and the subsequent reliance of the economy on consumption leave the economy too vulnerable to financial market conditions.

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