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Market Insight

Rick Rieder

In-Depth Monthly Fixed Income Update from Rick Rieder
Monthly fixed income outlook and call with Rick Rieder, BlackRock’s Chief Investment Officer of Fundamental Fixed Income

Reaching Your Goals in the Current Market Environment

Russ Koesterich

Investment Directions & Outlook
Monthly report on the global markets and outlook from Russ Koesterich, Chief Investment Strategist

Research from the BlackRock Investment Institute

The BlackRock Investment Institute (BII) publishes biannual outlooks, in-depth analyses of global market themes and quarterly reports on sovereign risk and fund flows.

BII Thumbnails

Dealing With Divergence: 2015 Investment Outlook

India Under New Management

Sovereign Risk Update

Explore More BII Publications

Special Reports

Special Reports Thumbnails

Institutional Investors Turn to Fixed-Income ETFs in Evolving Bond Market

Diversifying Fixed Income: Broadening the Strategy Base in a Shifting Landscape

US ETP Landscape

Investor Pulse Survey: What Investors Are Thinking

Asset Allocation Guidance

BlackRock Model Portfolios are specifically designed to provide you with asset allocation guidance to help scale your business. Subscribe today free of charge to take advantage of:

Models Portfolios
  • Monthly portfolio updates providing you market commentary and insights into performance
  • Quarterly Tactical Updates featuring insights into buying and selling, plus risk analytics you can share with clients
  • Quarterly Q&A Call with Russ Koesterich where he answers your questions about how markets are affecting portfolios

Custom Portfolio Construction and Risk Analytics Tools

Morningstar Tool Suite


Morningstar Hypothetical
Morningstar Portfolio Analysis
Morningstar Portfolio Comparison
Morningstar Investment Detail Tool
Morningstar Fund Comparison
Morningstar Share Class Cost Comparison

Periodic Table Tool

Periodic Table Tool

Create custom market indices charts for your clients.

Correlation Calculator

Correlation Calculator

Create more diversified portfolios and identify similar investment opportunities

Asset Class Illustrator

Asset Class Illustrator

Quickly model new portfolios and produce client proposals.

Custom Portfolio Analytics

BlackRock’s proprietary tools and services include comprehensive, institutional-caliber portfolio and risk analyses including market stress testing, uncovering portfolio risk and asset allocation consulting. Work with your dedicated consultant team for access to these tools and services.

Answer Your Clients' Questions

Incorporate these regularly updated, client friendly reports and tools to enhance your communications.

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