Build a Successful DC Plan

As the sponsor of a retirement plan, you have many responsibilities and important decisions to make. You want a plan that can help employees save for retirement, enable your organization to recruit and retain its best employees and meet all fiduciary and regulatory requirements. Fortunately, you do not have to do all of this alone. With a retirement plan financial professional as your trusted partner, you have someone who can help you establish an action plan to support your goals and ultimately help you and your employees build a better retirement future.

This brochure will not only describe the role a retirement plan financial professional can play, but it will also outline how you may benefit from their experience and guidance. The first section discusses some of your key responsibilities and the partnership role a financial professional may provide. The second section offers guidance around qualifications and criteria to consider when determining the right financial professional to help meet your needs.

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Guidance of Your Retirement Plan Financial Advisor