The Cost of Longevity: Alzheimer’s

39%: Portion of the Silent Generation (ages 68 to 88) that considers Alzheimer’s disease to be the biggest health-related worry in retirement.

  • It’s Flex Time!

    83%: Working retirees who have the flexibility to work part-time.

  • Financial Wellness

    30%: DC plan sponsors who are very likely to expand participant resources to examine financial wellness beyond retirement decisions.

  • Coming Soon To a Smartphone Near You: Modeling Apps

    14%: Defined contribution plans very likely to add financial modeling tools in 2014.

  • Annuities Slow to Take Hold

    8%: Plan sponsors offering an annuity or insurance product.

  • Updating the Menu

    One-third: DC plan sponsors who recently reviewed their fund line-up with an eye on fees.

  • Managing the Risk of Not-Enough Money

    5%: Plan sponsors who feel very confident in their ability to manage the risk of participants not meeting their retirement goals.

  • Let’s Talk About It

    89%: Plan sponsors who are very or somewhat likely to discuss increasing savings rates within their plan.

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