It’s My Retirement and I’ll Work If I Want To

80%: Working retirees who work for the pleasure of it, not because they must.

  • Let’s Talk About It

    89%: Plan sponsors who are very or somewhat likely to discuss increasing savings rates within their plan.

  • Message Me

    More than three in 10: Plan sponsors who will use social media in 2014.

  • Going to the Pros

    23%: Plan sponsors who provide participants with in-person meetings with professional advisors.

  • Not Confident

    28%: DC plan sponsors who are very confident in managing the risk that participants won’t save enough.

  • Relatively Rare Birds: Drawdown

    20%: DC plans with professionally managed accounts that have a drawdown feature.

  • There Is an App for That

    63%: Defined contribution plans with financial modelling tools.

  • Paycheck to Paycheck

    25%: Employers may be very likely to help employees with budgeting.

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