Debtors Cashing Out

27.3%: Households with debt of $3,000 to $10,000 that cash out their defined contribution plan accounts early if they leave their employer.

  • Birds Do It, Bees Do It: Migration

    16%: DC plan sponsors who have migrated to institutional funds.

  • Making the Move

    One in five: Plan sponsors who moved their primary approach from active to passive.

  • Eyeing the Target

    24%: DC plan sponsors who have recently reviewed their target date fund manager.

  • RIP DIY?

    71%: U.S. investors who would rather get professional advice when investing.

  • Sitting on a Cash Cushion

    36%: Investors who say if they had $10,000, they would keep it in cash, rather than put it into the stock market.

  • Being a Burden

    31%: Members of the Silent Generation (ages 68 to 88) who worry about being a burden on their families.

  • Man vs. Machine

    44% vs. 20%: U.S. investors who use a financial advisor vs. online technology.

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