Retirement Plan Review Takes a Backseat to Tech

25%: Amount of their time investors spend researching a tech purchase.

  • Status Quo

    54%: Workers who say they save for retirement to maintain their current lifestyle.

  • Missing Goals = Overwhelming Stress

    60%: Workers who said worrying that they will not meet their future financial goals is an “overwhelming” cause of stress.

  • I Gave More at the Office

    93%: Plan participants who have raised, or plan to raise, their 401(k) contribution rates.

  • Great Expectations

    14%: The return that the average plan participant expects from his investments to meet his retirement goals.

  • It’s Going to Take How Long?

    176 years: The time it will take a plan participant making $60,000 a year to reach the average savings goal of $900,000, with the average annual contribution rate of 8.6%.

  • What’s Your Rate?

    8.6%: The average participant’s 401(k) contribution rate.

  • What’s Your Number?

    $900,000: Average amount that plan participants estimate they’ll need to live in retirement.

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