Paycheck to Paycheck

25%: Employers may be very likely to help employees with budgeting.

  • Struggling to Save

    57%: Middle market U.S. households that are not saving regularly.

  • What Are My Options?

    75%: Middle market U.S. households that are interested in learning saving options.

  • Limiting the Leakage

    8.8%: Drop in probability of low-income workers reaching 80% income replacement in retirement if they take money from their defined contribution plan early.

  • Women Worried About Running Out

    11%: Gap in how much more worried women are about running out of money in retirement than men.

  • Women Want Financial Advice

    67%: Women who believe financial advisors add value.

  • Mind the Gap

    45%: Difference in median income between retirees who claimed Social Security early and those who waited until age 66.

  • In the (Early) Penalty Box

    25%: Amount workers can see their monthly Social Security benefits reduced if they claim early in 2014.

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