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To Work or Not to Work?

47%: Retirees who say they have worked, or will work, in retirement.

  • The Cost of Longevity: Alzheimer’s

    39%: Portion of the Silent Generation (ages 68 to 88) that considers Alzheimer’s disease to be the biggest health-related worry in retirement.

  • What, Me Retire?

    72%: Pre-retirees who say they want to keep working in retirement.

  • Gray Power

    40%: People age 55 and older who are working.

  • Moving in With the Kids

    22%: Portion of the Silent Generation (ages 68 to 88) that fears having to move in with family in retirement.

  • Taking a Break

    52%: Working retirees who took a break from work after they retired.

  • Gearing Up

    54%: Pre-retirees who will start to make serious preparations for working in retirement two years before leaving their job.

  • It’s My Retirement and I’ll Work If I Want To

    80%: Working retirees who work for the pleasure of it, not because they must.

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