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What Am I Invested In?

25%: Millennials investing for retirement who do not know how much they have in stocks or mutual funds.

  • Checking Out at 62

    29%: Workers who say they will retire at 62.

  • Got Social Security?

    44%: Members of Generation Z (ages 15-24) who fear that Social Security won’t be around when they retire.

  • The Sunny Side of the Street

    26%: Gap in confidence between millennials and boomers in landing a new job.

  • That’s Your Plan B?

    59%: American workers who don’t have a backup plan in case they aren’t able to keep working until their planned retirement age.

  • Mandatory Lockdown

    55%: Millennials who favor a mandatory retirement savings policy.

  • Flying by the Seat of Their Pants

    40%: Workers around the world who do not have a strategy for retirement.

  • Confident or Cocky?

    2X: Number of millennial women who are worried about their ability to build a career versus men.

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