Who Doesn’t Do Better With a Little Help?


Workers contributed more to their 401(k)s when they received help from a financial advisor.

  • Help! I Need Somebody…

    Nearly six in 10 workers wanted advice in saving and investing for retirement, but just 37% used a professional financial advisor.

  • Minding Those Gaps

    The youngest pre-retirees may be the best prepared to fill their estimated retirement income gap.

  • Following the Leader

    Workers participated more often, and contributed more to their 401(k) plans, when their employer offered a match.

  • Just (Let Someone Else) Do It

    A majority of DC plan participants use professionally managed accounts.

  • I Gave (to Myself) at the Office

    Baby boomers are contributing more to their 401(k) plans than their younger colleagues.

  • Do That On Your Own Time

    Six in 10 workers are saving for retirement outside of work.

  • Getting an Earlier Start

    As the generations go by, workers are starting to save earlier for retirement.

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