A Cup of Coffee Costs How Much?


$21,352.50: The cost of a $1.95 cup of coffee over 30 years in retirement.

  • Falling Short

    The average worker is more than $700,000 short of his self-declared goal of $900,000 in retirement savings.

  • Better Mousetrap, Fewer Mice?

    Despite having access to a plethora of retirement planning tools, workers aren’t using them.

  • Expanding the Fixed Income Menu

    The fixed income market is wide and varied, with many sectors investors can turn to for diversification.

  • What’s Stopping Them From Saving?

    The top objection to saving for retirement: “I need the money now.”

  • What’s Your Plan B?

    Nearly half of American workers consider working longer to be their “Plan B” if they don’t save enough money to retire.

  • Who Doesn’t Do Better With a Little Help?

    Workers contributed more to their 401(k)s when they received help from a financial advisor.

  • Sought-after Advice

    Health care is one of the issues about which workers ages 45 and older and retirees most want advice.

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