What’s Stopping Them From Saving?


The top objection to saving for retirement: “I need the money now.”

  • What’s Your Plan B?

    Nearly half of American workers consider working longer to be their “Plan B” if they don’t save enough money to retire.

  • Who Doesn’t Do Better With a Little Help?

    Workers contributed more to their 401(k)s when they received help from a financial advisor.

  • Sought-after Advice

    Health care is one of the issues about which workers ages 45 and older and retirees most want advice.

  • Got Savings?

    More than one-third of American workers haven’t started saving for retirement.

  • Hanging It Up Early?

    Health Problems: The No. 1 Reason for Early Retirement.

  • What's Keeping You Up at Night?

    Health care is the top financial worry that workers 45 and older have about retirement.

  • Where's the Income Going to Come From?

    Even after taking Social Security and pension benefits into account, the oldest generation of workers believe they have a 25% income gap to cover in retirement. Meanwhile, younger workers, expect a whopping 62% gap.

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