Why Social Security?

Chances are a great percentage of your clients are baby boomers, the generation retiring at a rate of 10,000 individuals per day. Chief among their concerns is outliving their retirement savings, and that makes the decision of when to collect Social Security (SS) retirement benefits incredibly important.

Social Security can be a complicated topic to tackle, but by understanding some of the basics, you can help your clients maximize their SS retirement benefits and build your practice in the process.

Building Social Security education into your practice can help you:

  • Foster client loyalty: Being a trusted resource in all aspects of financial planning can increase loyalty.
  • Increase client referrals: Clients will tell their friends about the SS tips they’ve learned — and about the advisor who shared them.
  • Elevate your profile among centers of influence: Helping fellow professionals field SS questions from their clients can boost referral.

Incorporating Social Security Into Your Practice:

Our simple four-step plan can help you become a trusted resource on the topic of Social Security:

Master the Basics
Factor in Spouse and Family
Customize the Collection Strategy
Leverage BlackRock’s Resources to Engage with Clients and Centers of Influence

"My client was ill advised by her existing (soon-to-be-former) financial advisor when she asked him what she should do regarding filing for Social Security. When I spoke with her, I asked to get copies of her Social Security information. The recommendation coming from your team would provide her with approximately $160,000 in extra benefits during her life expectancy! I cannot imagine that this individual won't be a lifelong client as a result of the work."
— P.W., Midwest

Social Security Seminar

Watch our seminar on Social Security fundamentals and strategies to help your clients increase benefits throughout retirement.

View the seminar

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