Why Become a Retirement Account Expert?

With the more recent availability of Roth accounts, in addition to traditional IRAs and 401(k)s, clients are looking for guidance on which options are their best bet for retirement planning.

High-net-worth individuals in particular will be seeking advice on how to access and incorporate Roth accounts into their portfolios. You should be prepared to have conversations with your clients about retirement accounts and tax diversification, to help them determine which options are right for their circumstances.

By keeping yourself informed and demonstrating expertise on retirement, the most universal of financial goals, you also demonstrate your commitment to serving clients’ needs. This can boost loyalty and ensure that client assets are retained through the transfer and rollover period.

Ready to Become a Retirement Account Expert?

Follow our plan to become a trusted resource on retirement accounts:

Review Retirement Account Options
Consider a Change in Account Type
Provide a Beneficiary Tune-Up
Leverage BlackRock's Resources to Engage with Clients

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