We leverage our expertise on markets, assets and geographies.

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Our goal is to gather and disseminate insights that make BlackRock’s 1,600 investment professionals better portfolio managers and deliver superior investment results for clients.


Commentary by BlackRock Investment Institute

We gather leading BlackRock portfolio managers from around the globe twice a year to discuss what’s in store for markets. Our bi-annual Investment Outlooks capture these (intense) debates.

We run workshops and calls for our 1,600 investment professionals for deep dives into market, economic and policy trends. The range of subjects is reflected in our Global Insights series.

Our BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index (BSRI) measures the credit worthiness of 50 countries. Quarterly BSRI updates cover changes in country scores, rankings and overarching trends.

We dig into our global database of exchange traded funds to produce analyses of money flows, underlying holdings and country weightings in areas such as fixed income or dividend funds.

Life After Zero

Mid-Year Outlook 2014

BlackRock Investment Institute: 2014 Mid-Year Outlook

Risk assets are grinding higher and volatility is extraordinarily low. Our outlook outlines what is in store for the rest of the year–and what life after zero (rates) may look like.