The BlackRock Investment Institute (BII) publishes insights including biannual outlooks, in-depth analyses of global market themes and quarterly reports on sovereign risk and fund flows.

  • Willingness to Pay – BSRI Quarterly Update

    Budget battles are raging in Washington. The latest quarterly update of the BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index (BSRI) analyzes the impact on the BSRI ranking of the United States.

  • Next Exit – The Road Ahead for the Fed

    Ben Bernanke's two-term reign at the US Federal Reserve is drawing to an end. The BlackRock Investment Institute analyzes the leadership transition—and the Fed's challenges.

  • Risk and Resilience – Patterns in Equity Returns

    Equities are volatile—and always have been. The BlackRock Investment Institute dissects global equity risks and rewards through history.

  • Dividend Deluge - ETP Flows Quarterly

    Income-starved investors have turned to dividend stocks as bond alternatives. Exchange-traded products (ETPs) focused on dividends have rushed to meet this demand. The BlackRock Investment Institute details the money flows, country and sector compositions, and most widely held stocks of this group of funds.

  • Emerging Risks - BSRI Q2 2013

    The latest quarterly update of the BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index (BSRI) focuses on emerging markets and highlights modest improvement in selected Eurozone countries.

  • Exit, Entry and Overshoot

    Volatility is back. Fears of an end to the era of easy money and emerging market strains have given investors a wakeup call. The Blackrock Investment Institute discusses this fork in the road for markets in its 2013 Outlook Midyear Update.

  • Setting New Standards

    Corporate bond markets have been on fire with yield-hungry investors lapping up record new issuance. Yet not all is well. Many new bonds quickly turn into museum pieces after initial excitement dies down. A new BlackRock Investment Institute client publication analyzes the illiquid state of play and debates a potential game changer: bond standardization. We end with five thought-provoking questions for investors, issuers, bankers, trading venues and regulators.

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