The BlackRock Investment Institute (BII) publishes insights including biannual outlooks, in-depth analyses of global market themes and quarterly reports on sovereign risk and fund flows.

  • Forget Rotation: Think Risk Mitigation - Assessing Risks in Fixed Income

    Market chatter about the "Great Rotation," the massive shift from fixed income to equities, is getting louder. The BlackRock Investment Institute's advice? Stop obsessing about rotation and focus on reducing risks in fixed income.

  • Behind the Bond Boom - ETP Flows Quarterly

    The advent of exchange traded products (ETPs) focused on fixed income has been swift and surprising. Our interactive graphics show three years of quarterly ETP investment flows across all asset classes.

  • Slow Turn Ahead - 2013 Investment Outlook

    The big question of 2013 is whether the global wave of ultra-loose monetary policies and quantitative easing has crested. Trillions of dollars in monetary stimulus and record low interest rates have failed to spur much credit growth and economic activity so far. But what if this changes?

  • Mapping Sovereign Risk - BSRI Quarterly Update

    The BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index (BSRI) highlights Japan, the United States and other movers in the fourth quarter of 2012. Our interactive BSRI allows for viewing up-to-date scores of 48 nations, comparing two countries and sorting overall rankings by index components.

  • Now for the Hard Part

    In this snap analysis of the US elections, the BlackRock Investment Institute discusses President’s Barack Obama’s key challenge: closing the nation’s budget gaping gap.

  • Mind Your Mine! - Challenges and Opportunities in Metals

    The mining boom is alive…but miners and investors alike must become much pickier about their investments. The BlackRock Investment Institute reviews the industry’s supply challenges and pinpoints investment opportunities.

  • Got Liquidity?

    A flood of new rules is reshaping the world of trading and starting to hurt liquidity – and we have only seen the beginning. The BlackRock Investment Institute analyses the trend and details strategies for investing in a less liquid world.

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