The BlackRock Investment Institute (BII) publishes insights including biannual outlooks, in-depth analyses of global market themes and quarterly reports on sovereign risk and fund flows.

  • BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index – 2014 Second Quarter

    Argentina is in high-stakes negotiations with dissident creditors. A new BlackRock Investment Institute publication highlights the country and other key movers in our 50-country BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index.

  • Life After Zero – 2014 Mid-Year Investment Outlook

    Risk assets are grinding higher and volatility is extraordinarily low. A new Blackrock Investment Institute publication outlines what is in store for the rest of the year– and what life after zero (rates) may look like.

  • The Liquidity Challenge

    Money is gushing through the global financial system, yet trading liquidity is on a downward slope. A new Blackrock Investment Institute publication weighs the risks and opportunities – and provides a framework for including less liquid assets in portfolios.

  • A Disappearing Act

    What happens when financial conditions tighten? We delve into the implications for markets.

  • BlackRock Sovereign Risk

    This quarterly update of our BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index (BSRI) details the largest quarterly movers and highlights China.

  • Rising Sun, Setting Sun

    Is Japan’s recovery another false dawn? The BlackRock Investment Institute examines the outlook for reform in the world’s third-largest economy – and the market implications.

  • A Matter of Style

    Small or large? Value or growth? We break down the traditional equity “style boxes” and explain the importance of understanding the contents within.

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