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Because we are a recognized leader in the financial industry, the media, policymakers, and others often come to us for insights, opinions, and help.

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Ideas and Insight: Where Leadership Starts

We believe that leadership begins with seeing clearly. It demands the best ideas and the deepest insights—about markets and public policy, about opportunities and risks, about where we are now and what the future might bring.

Investment Thinking

At BlackRock, thinking about investing never ends. Teams from all over the world are continually researching and analyzing companies, markets and economies, and we aim to bring that thinking together, from every corner of our firm, to make smarter investment decisions.

Nearing Normal

Investment Outlook 2015

Mid-year Outlook 2015

The U.S. Federal Reserve is (reluctantly) ending a long period of abnormally low rates. We sketch out the implications for markets and update our 2015 investment outlook.


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Views on Policy

Views on Policy

As part of our responsibility to promote the long-term interests of our clients and the strength of the communities and markets where we do business, BlackRock develops and publishes insights on public policy issues, especially related to the operation and regulation of financial markets.

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