The Power of Our People

Through 17 BlackRock Gives committees around the world, employees help direct the firm's charitable donations and volunteer our time to address the needs of our local communities. Each committee sponsors volunteer events throughout the year for causes that we are most passionate about, including: education, the environment and fighting homelessness.

BlackRock makes it easier for its employees to give back to their communities by offering full-time employees two paid days off for volunteering and by matching eligible charitable donations dollar for dollar up to $5000/year.

Where Innovation Meets Philanthropy

As an innovator on the cutting edge of technology and finance, BlackRock understands the potential for transformative social change inherent in the intersection of the two. We are engaged in ongoing efforts to maximize social good through best in class partnerships in this space, including Fast Forward.


Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a San Francisco-based accelerator for nonprofits "at the intersection of tech and good”, helping early-stage, tech-leveraged, non-profit startups that share a mission to solve social problems and create meaningful change across global populations.

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Year Up

Year Up empowers low-income young adults to go from poverty to professional careers. Millions of young adults in the U.S. have talent but lack opportunity; many companies have opportunities available but lack the talent they need. Year Up works to close the gap.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO

At BlackRock responsibility has always been at the heart of our business - a responsibility not only to provide answers to our clients and investors, but also to make a difference in the communities in which we live and work. That’s why we invest in our communities and people within them. Through our signature philanthropic focus- Building Better Financial Futures - we leverage funds, employee skills and expertise, and other assets to create social impact. We invest in building better financial futures through education by putting our expertise and resources to work helping people from all walks of life build stronger financial futures.

For the complete CSR policy of BlackRock Services India Pvt. Ltd. click here.