• Addressing America's Retirement Needs: Longevity Challenge Requires Action

    This ViewPoint surveys the US retirement landscape, looking at existing savings programs and changing demographics, and offers ideas for reinforcing the retirement system in the United States.

  • Housing Finance Update: The Conundrum Continues

    This ViewPoint is the fourth in a series on housing finance policy. The paper reviews the status of the housing market and a number of legislative, regulatory, and policy initiatives underway.

  • Municipal Market Myths and Realities

    Headlines can be captivating, but rarely tell the whole story. Such has been the case recently as it relates to the municipal bond market, particularly in the immediate wake of Detroit's history-making bankruptcy filing. This paper fact checks some of the more pervasive perceptions, and offer insight and advice for wary investors.

  • BlackRock: Worldwide Leader in Asset Management

    This engagement review is intended to explain BlackRock’s overarching philosophy in relation to corporate governance and responsible investment and provide practical examples of our work in 2012. It is organized on a variety of overlapping themes, which provide a sense of the breadth and complexity of this aspect of BlackRock’s work on behalf of clients.

  • Credit Rating Agencies: Reform, Don't Eliminate

    In this ViewPoint we explain how investors use credit ratings, suggest several reform objectives for credit rating agencies, and we review the reforms contemplated in the Franken Amendment of Dodd-Frank in the context of these objectives. In addition, we address other regulatory initiatives, including those designed to reduce reliance on credit ratings.

  • Regulatory Developments in Europe: 2013 Update and Analysis

    This ViewPoint is the 2013 edition of our analysis of key EU regulatory developments affecting the European financial sector, markets, businesses and investors. Topics covered range from investor protection, investment products, through to taxation, market structure and asset allocation.

  • Exchange Traded Products: Overview, Benefits and Myths

    This ViewPoint provides a detailed overview of Exchange Traded Products with a focus on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The paper explains some common misconceptions about the structure of ETFs and index investing. It also identifes several principles that we believe can help maximize the utility of ETFs and minimize the potential for any unintended consequences for investors and financial markets.

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