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Promoting Good Governance for Better Returns

At BlackRock we frame our corporate governance program, including the treatment of social, ethical and environmental issues, within an investment context. We believe that a sound corporate governance framework promotes strong leadership by boards of directors and good management practices, contributing to the long-term success of companies and better risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Engagement, Proxy Voting and ESG Investment Integration

Through engagement and proxy voting, BlackRock communicates with companies about our philosophy and approach to investment and corporate governance, and we vote in shareholder meetings on behalf of our clients. Our Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment team (CGRI) also partners closely with BlackRock portfolio managers to factor environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations into their investment decision-making.

Policies & Reporting

Just as we seek transparency in the companies in which we invest, as a responsible investor, we're committed to transparency around our views and activities related to corporate governance and responsible investment. We publish our proxy voting guidelines, statements and reports on our proxy voting activities, and a proxy voting FAQ.


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For the most complete description of BlackRock's responsible investment philosophy and activities, please see our report, 2013 Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment at BlackRock.

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